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  • Telus Pharma Space is an easy to use online platform giving you the ability to view the drugs entered in your profile, request prescription refills and track prescription status from your mobile device or computer. In order to access this online service you simply come to York Super IDA Pharmacy and sign up

    Access Pharma Space

    Renewing your prescriptions is easy! York Super IDA Pharmacy takes the hassle out of repeat prescriptions by providing you with a simple online reorder request form.

    Renew your prescriptions

    At York Super IDA Pharmacy, our prescription transferring process is secure and simple. We only require a request form and a small amount of information from you.

    Transfer your prescriptions

York Super Pharmacy is committed to serve all your prescriptions needs. We manage your prescription history, accommodate transfers of prescriptions, set up automatic refills, as well as initiate refill reminders. Additionally, clients unable to swallow pills or small children requiring tiny doses can be assisted by one of our pharmacists to compound the medication into an easily-ingestible form.Our pharmacists are there to speak to you to ensure a clear understanding of all your prescriptions. They aren’t here simply to fill bottles; they’re here to help.

We manage your prescription history and accommodate transfers of prescriptions.

  • Access to a community pharmacist who knows you and your family and is always there to answer your health questions  

  • Immunizations & Travel Health 

  • Medication Packaging 

  • In-Pharmacy Health Clinics 

  • Flu shot immunizations 

  • Private patient medical checks 

  • Blood glucose monitor teaching and instruction 

For a full database for drug information and medical conditions, please click here.

Renew Your Prescriptions Online

York Super Pharmacy has been serving the Drug Store needs of this area for over 50 years. We are open 365 days a year and pride ourselves on providing friendly, courteous service from or helpful staff. We offer an efficient dispensary servicing all major drug plans, a lottery center, a complete Post Office and a comprehensive Home Health Care Department.

We are now pleased to add the convenience of Online Prescription Renewals to the list of services provided to our customers.

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